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YOUKI 無添加蝦湯粉
YOUKI Shrimp Broth Powder

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You can enjoy the rich flavor and aroma of fresh shrimp in YOUKI's additive-free shrimp soup powder, which does not contain any chemical seasonings. This versatile soup powder can be widely used to accentuates the natural flavors of your ingredients. It's a perfect choice for creating delectable dishes like flavorful Laksa soup bases, savory seafood stir-fries, and delightful Tianjin fried rice.

Ingredients: salt, shrimp powder, yeast extract powder, dried shrimp powder, powdered soy sauce/processed starch, trehalose, paprika pigment

<Recommended serving size>

To make 240ml of shrimp broth, use 2 teaspoons of powder.

 *This is a fixed-price product.

原產地 Country of origin: Japan
重量 Weight: 110 g
運送重量 Shipping Weight: 0.23 kg
賞味期限 Best before: 2025-05-30
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