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日本「極」米保鮮袋 (一包2個)
Ultimate Rice Fresh-Lock Bag (A pack of 2)

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A breakthrough product developed by Japanese rice expert, to keep the rice delicious! Rice is the same as fresh food. We need a proper storage method to preserve its freshness and taste.

Ultimate Rice Fresh-Lock Bag provides a completely enclosed space that blocks light, oxygen, moisture and odors to keep the rice fresh and the best original taste. Equipped with a check valve to release air inside, stop the rice from oxidation, and prevent rice from deteriorating and generating odor. The bottom of the bag is designed to stand up and not fall easily. Made in Japan.

<Using Tips>

  • Use the zipper to seal the bag tightly.
  • Press the bag to allow the air to escape from the bag after use.
  • Store in a refrigerator, but do not use it in a freezer.
  • It can be used immediately, do not wash nor wipe with disinfectant paper.
  • Do not rinse with water. Gently wipe the bag with a dry cloth/paper towel if it has stains on the surface. 
  • Do not place near fire sources or high-temperature place.
原產地 Country of origin: Japan
材質 Materials: Polyethylene, PET, aluminum
尺寸 Dimension: 30cm x 30cm, Volume: 3.6kg
運送重量 Shipping Weight: 0.35 kg
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