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Shesay 日本九州樟木條 (24件木盒裝)
Shesay Kyushu Camphor Block (24pcs Boxset)

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Our products are made from camphor trees sourced from Kyushu, Japan, and are 100% natural without any chemical additives. They are safe for use around babies, the elderly, pets, and individuals with G6PD deficiency. In dark environments, the camphor wood gradually releases camphor oil, emitting a pleasant aroma that naturally repels insects and neutralizes odors.

In contrast, some synthetic insect repellents on the market, commonly referred to as "smelly balls," are manufactured by mixing chemicals to mimic the scent of camphor. These chemical components can be harmful to human health and may even pose a life-threatening risk to individuals with G6PD deficiency. Therefore, care should be taken when choosing insect-repellent products.

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Usage Tips:

  • The fragrance of camphor wood typically lasts between 6 to 9 months. When the scent begins to fade, you can apply natural camphor tree essential oil to restore its insect-repelling and odor-neutralizing effects. If you wish to purchase Japanese camphor tree essential oil, please click here.
  • For chests or drawers, it is recommended to place 2 to 3 pieces in different corners; for wardrobes, using 6 to 8 pieces is advised for optimal effectiveness.
    原產地 Country of origin: Japan
    材質 Materials: Camphor wood
    尺寸 Dimension: Each Block - 6.5cm × 2.5cm × 1.5cm Box - 15.5cm x 13.5cm x 7.5cm
    運送重量 Shipping Weight: 0.75 kg
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