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Sakura Amazake

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In the chilly weather, a warm cup of sweet sake is enough to warm both body and soul, revitalizing the spirit amidst a busy work schedule. This sweet sake boasts a delicate cherry blossom hue and a refined sakura flavor. Moreover, this product is non-alcoholic, making it suitable for various occasions. Made from high-quality domestic sake lees, it's easy to prepare - just add hot water for instant enjoyment.

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原產地 Country of origin: Japan
材質 Materials: Powdered amazake (sake lees, sugar, dextrin, etc.), sugar, dextrin, cherry blossom paste (salted cherry blossoms, salted cherry leaves), agar/paste (modified starch, xanthan gum), flavoring, sweetener (aspartame/L-phenylalanine compound), cochineal dye
尺寸 Dimension: 18g x 3packs
重量 Weight: 54 g
運送重量 Shipping Weight: 0.15 kg
賞味期限 Best before: 2024-10-25
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