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Kawanakajima White Peach Jam

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Carefully selected the white peach from Nagano prefecture.
The juicy peach was freshly picked under the sunshine of Shinshu and immediately bottled to become "Kawanakajima White Peach Jam". 
You can enjoy the pulp that melts in your mouth.

Does not contain preservatives. Keep in a refrigerator after opening and consume as soon as possible.

Ingredients: White peach, sugar, liquor, lemon concentrated fruit juice/thickening polysaccharide, fragrance, antioxidant (V.C)

 *This is a fixed-price product.

原產地 Country of origin: Japan
重量 Weight: 140 g
運送重量 Shipping Weight: 0.3 kg
賞味期限 Best before: 2025-01-16
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