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Katakata 小貓防水風呂敷 (M)
Katakata Cat Water-repellent Furo-shiki (M)

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The culture of Furo-shiki has a long history in Japan. It is a large wrapping cloth as gift wrapping, a storage case, a bag, a picnic mat, etc. Added with water-repellent efficacy, it is convenient to wrap the wet clothes, foldable umbrella on rainy days. It is also good for wrapping frozen food in order to away from getting wet your personal stuff. 

The couple, Takeshi Matsunaga and Tomoe Takai design and make this dyeing stencil together. The beautiful print is attractive to be a tapestry or table cloth, not easy to stain and easy-to-clean.  Made in Japan.

原產地 Country of origin: Japan
尺寸 Dimension: 70cm x 70cm
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