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Hario 玻璃冷泡咖啡壺
HARIO Glass Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher

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The Hario glass cold brew coffee maker, manufactured in Japan, allows you to effortlessly prepare cold brew coffee by simply placing coffee grounds in the filter, adding water, covering it, and refrigerating for 8 hours. The filter is made of fine mesh to prevent any fine particles from escaping.

The specially designed lid enables easy pouring from any direction, thanks to the 360-degree spout on the pot, making it convenient to use!

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原產地 Country of origin: Japan
材質 Materials: Spout: PCT resin / Lid: Stainless steel / Packing: Silicone rubber / Strainer frame: Polypropylene / Strainer mesh: Polyester
尺寸 Dimension: 9.4cm (dia.) x 30.4cm
重量 Weight: 477 g
運送重量 Shipping Weight: 1.51 kg
容量 Volume: 800 mL
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